Create a market and you make a way.
We call this being a Market Maker.
Please join us today.

Viable Market Makers:

Replace repeat donations and grants required to sustain ongoing charity, with profit and earned income generated from new business activities 

Leverage their contributions with additional resources that new markets attract from local investors, employers, buyers and suppliers

Model success for people who may never have seen successful principles in action to replicate in their own life

Reinforce dignity for a parent or guardian to feed, clothe, educate and pay for medical treatment for their household

Additionally, Viable ensures you:

Maximize contributions with no administrative overhead deductions.

Build upon your legacy by introducing your family and friends to your work through reports and on-site visits.

Have confidence your generosity is honored with stewardship and wisdom along with compassion.

All Market Makers receive Viable’s
“Commitment to Excellence and Authenticity.”

People all over the world are hungry for business, pure and simple. You can make that a reality. Donate or schedule a phone call or meeting today.

Introductory calls with Viable are to gain an understanding of your interests and answer your initial questions about opportunities for you to be a part. From this call you can tell us if there is a reason to move forward together and we can identify next steps. If not, then not. We will appreciate the introduction and provide assurance that you will not be bothered by us in the future.