The Problem

The Opportunity

Charity has its place, but sooner or later, the idea is to liberate well-meaning people from charitable handouts so they can move forward in life.

A generous world gives trillions in support of charitable programs aimed at “poverty reduction.” Yet, very little of it is market-driven. Meanwhile, for-profit companies with labor and supply needs operate in the same areas where handouts are distributed. Together, we can create new markets and opportunity that connects local business needs to local family needs, so people can use their God-given gifts and talents in pursuit of a more self-sustaining (viable) path within their community and culture.

Directly or indirectly, business is the catalyst by which you provide for your family and serve others with your time and money. Likewise, business opportunity will be the same catalyst for someone who is struggling to overcome tremendous challenges today.

Experience exponential returns on your contribution and witness the change your generosity produces in someone’s life.

Please consider a generous donation today.

Sample of Viable’s Work

Uganda is a beautiful country with a rich culture and hard-working people. Despite the efforts of more than 10,000 charities and development “NGOs” operating in the country, large segments of the population currently grapple with food insecurity and malnutrition.

75% of Uganda’s population participates in agriculture for their livelihood. Nearly half of all working age people are subsistence farmers (farm to eat). For small farmers (1 to 2 acres), total household income can be as little as $13 / month to support a household of six dependents, which will at times include orphans from the community. Responsibility, aspirations, and a strong work ethic abound. Opportunity does not. 

Poor prices offered at local public markets are among the many challenges faced by small farmers. Their current markets are a limiting factor that can overpower traditional charity and development programs offering skills training, improved seeds and micro-lending to farmers. In the end, a farmer can use these programs to improve production, yet still receive half price for an entire season’s harvest. Their trust in a traditional non-profit approach dwindles and fades.  Understandably so.

Your support through Viable helps to bring new, legitimate market connections (and pricing) within reach of the farmers at a grassroots level.  This provides a common sense foundation for business and natural incentive to increase production.  

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Results: In the midst of COVID-19, 4,951 farmers pursued new opportunity in the form of new market connections facilitated by Viable. Average farmer income increased by 61%. Based on the authenticity they saw in the opportunity, some farmers increased their total production efforts. Results were as high as single-season income 14x more than had ever been held at one time by farmers. Your help delivers tangible results in the lives of others. Families work to overcome the “hunger season,” pay for their children’s school fees, receive medical treatment when needed, and retain their dignity. Please consider a generous contribution today

People all over the world are hungry for business, pure and simple. You can make that a reality. Donate today!